I'm tired so I think I'll turn in now.

Don't you ever call me again.

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Darren crossed her arms over her chest.

Do you have any more big ones?

Rudolph never raised a hand to anyone.

Are you sure Philip is the person you saw?

I do not think that requires much comment.


All right, let's get back to work.

The car is easy for me to drive.

You're in bad shape.

Tareq has a lot of hard work ahead of him.

We drink too little water.


Kinch patiently waited for Judy to finish her story.


You caught me.

Please give this to Stephen.

Everything went horribly wrong.

We need your help to do this.

What's the minimum salary in Portugal?


We haven't had any major accidents.

I must speak to Hubert.

When I get the milk out of the fridge, I close the fridge door by giving it a shove with my elbow. How do you do it?

Giles doesn't want Marcia to sing at his party.

Of course, I'll come back.


The weather is fine in London.

A strange beast is roaming through the woods.

Don't delay finishing the business.

Everyone must keep the law.

She's gradually getting used to the new situation.

Computers caused a great, if gradual, change.

There goes the bell.

Let's wait a while and see what happens.

She likes tigers.

If the camel once gets his nose in the tent, his body will soon follow.

A beautiful face is half of the dowry.


He is my husband's best friend.


Everybody held their breath.


What did Tomas say about Arlene?

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Oskar doesn't look very happy today.


More students than ever before have sat for their bar examinations this year.

I want to be back in Boston.

She's well known as a singer.

Creating creativity itself is improving creativity.

I found my first gray hair this morning.


Beckie let out a big sigh.


I sense that something is wrong.

I do have a crush, but it's not mutual. He already has a lovely wife, anyways.

Her smile expressed joy.

Can we have some privacy, please?

I lost my temper.

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The academically talented students helped others in the classroom.

Hand it over!

He'll do anything to score some drugs.

I only meant it as a joke.

That vending machine is out of order.

I find your proposal incomprehensible.

I have a comic book in German.

The only way is up.

At least, not that one. You see, I give the lecture.

I have to file a report.

He lives in a gated community.

There's a button on the inner side of the door.

Give me something to sign.


You look like death.

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Tommy had the same problem.

Maybe The is in love.

Casper needs that money.

The end is the beginning of the impossible.

He's among the also-rans.


I haven't done that!

You should read about the careers of great men.

They watched him carefully.


You lack imagination.

It's too late to visit them.

Pim is still determined.


She's going to have a baby, Nathaniel.

I don't want any special treatment.

Nowadays it is nigh on impossible to find a girl who does not wear a tattoo.

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Please tell her that I called.

Leith is our neighbor.

No one lives in that house.

The sidewalk was covered with fallen leaves.

I am going to stop her ever doing that again.


Did you have a fight with Ken?


Do what you're told.

Are you happy at your own home?

It's too late to shut the barn door when the horse has already run off.


Sandeep was plagued by severe anxiety that saw him hospitalised several times.

I'm surprised Werner never mentioned you.

He's waiting for you at home.

Who'll go?

I'll show you the way to the station.

I never do any exercise.

Nancy is a shade darker than Helen is.


Wherever this feather lands on the map, that's where I will build my house.

I'll leave the planning to you.

I hid behind the tree.


It's nice to be needed.

The prouder the individual, the harsher the punishment.

Fay is going to watch.

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They attempted to assassinate the president.

She came to her senses in hospital.

I never saw her again.



Be careful not to hurt Chuck's feelings.

I will come on Monday unless you write to the contrary.

I don't like it when people call me names.

My heart was broken.

An encyclopedia is a mine of information.

Could you come with me, please?


They're trying.


Nate is capable of doing such a thing.


I cannot put up with his arrogance.


Mat is fit to become a businessman.

Sanity ought to be allowed to talk.

You're smarter than I am.

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Where's the hammer?

He is to come here at six o'clock.

It's quite warm here, isn't it?

Nobody believed him.

We captured them.

How to meet future energy demand is a big question we must consider.

I love practical jokes.

I had rather never have been born than have seen this day of shame.

It shouldn't take us long.


There's something coming.

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Marnix has been suffering from a headache all day.

He wrote this fairy tale by himself.

Craig went directly to his room as soon as he got home.

I'm seriously considering getting married.

Of course, I understand.


There are various ways we could handle this problem.


Open the door with care.


Shannon just would not speak to anyone but you.

Tari Ito was found guilty.

Can I go to my locker?

Scott saw Wolfgang at the party.

I'm troubled by this birth-mark.

Myron is going to be punished for what he did.

We waited long, but he didn't turn up.

The policymaker made sure to carefully consider the pros and cons in his work.

It's just that simple.

My son lied to me.

Why would somebody hit him?

Why have you been late to school every day this week?

We're pleased you're here.


He doesn't run.

Doug won't be killing anybody else.

I cannot phone Marika. She lives in Finland!

Didn't it occur to you to shut the windows?

I believe that his action was in the right.


What did you do with your camera?

Have you ever lost your wallet?

I play soccer almost every day.


Siegurd didn't know what to say next.

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I'm afraid of asking her to dance and being turned down.


I wish you could go with Trevor.


We caught you.